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A Sample of Past Professional Development Events & Seminars

October 2018 — Running Through the Wall: How to Use Creativity to Overcome Adversity  Jerry Hoak, Executive creative director and Managing Director of The Martin Agency, shared his story and strategy for putting creativity to work in the face of the inevitable brick walls of life and business.

May 2018 — Powering Local Pride In recent years, Downtown Lynchburg has experienced a renaissance, with new restaurants and businesses starting up in the area. Ashley Kershner, executive director of Downtown Lynchburg Associates, discussed how her team used the power of marketing to encourage local pride and help craft Lynchburg’s community identity.

March 2018 — Spontaneous vs. Planned Communications Corinne Geller, public relations manager for the Virginia State Police, guides us through valuable lessons in crisis communications with the perspective she has gained from her extensive experience with major incidents such as the “Unite the Right” Rally in Charlottesville last summer and the nation’s deadliest school shooting at Virginia Tech in April 2007. 

September 2017 — Communicating with a Millennial Workforce Guest speakers, Dr. James Roux and Scott Robert from Lynchburg College shared insights into how to understand millennials and bring out their potential in the workforce. Attendees learned four key elements of millenial thinking and a strategy to maximize their strengths.

June 2017 — Preparing for the President On May 13, 2017 the City of Lynchburg welcomed the 45th President of the United States, as he addressed nearly 19,000 graduates on the campus of Liberty University. The City of Lynchburg’s LuAnn Hunt and Steve Smallshaw share their experience behind the scenes trying to develop a communications strategy and means for effectively communicating information and alerts to Lynchburg citizens.

November 2016 — From Revolution to Rescue: Charting a Course for Sweet Briar College In Summer 2015, Sweet Briar’s alumnae did something that had never happened in higher education. Five thousand women saved a college from closure. The communications office was unprepared for the onslaught and for the intense scrutiny that followed. Joelle Ziemian, Director of Media, Marketing and Communications at Sweet Briar College, discussed communications imperatives born of the experience and how the college worked to regain its footing and reframe the story.

October 2016 — Developing a Successful Action Plan for the Virginia Commonwealth Games  The Virginia Commonwealth Games is known as Virginia’s Olympics and is the largest multi-sport festival in Virginia. We learned first-hand how Virginia Amateur Sports, in partnership with the City of Lynchburg, Liberty University and over 1,000 volunteers, made a successful move to the City of Lynchburg after 26 years in Roanoke. Diane Williams, Marketing Director for Virginia Amateur Sports, shared how to ensure a successful event for over 10,000 athletes participating in 62 sports with a strong and effective communication plan.

August 2016 — The Digital Revolution: Trends in Digital Marketing Grabbing consumers’ attention is getting harder and harder as they abandon traditional media and avoid ads all together. How do we reach those much-coveted target audiences today? New technologies allow us to razor in on audiences, but are these tactics effective? John Anstey, principal and founder of Roanoke-based Anstey Hodge Advertising Group, will share his insight as he reviews trends in digital marketing.

October 2014 — Managing a Mess, and the Media: Lynchburg’s Regional Response to a (Simulated) School Tragedy, and Its Aftermath A three-person panel discussed the City of Lynchburg’s “Regional Riposte,” a recent full-scale exercise simulating an active school shooting and hostage-taking. The exercise featured a unique, provocative and realistic combination of traditional and cutting edge communications technologies and circumstances.

May 2014 — The Value and Challenges of Social Media Crisis Communications Social media’s immediacy and broad reach provide unique channels for crisis communications, but require intentional management and risk awareness by a skilled senior communicator. AREVA’s Curtis Roberts, Director, Digital Media Communications, led an informative and useful discussion about the intersection of social media and crisis communications.

October 2013 — Communicating Big Changes Mergers & Acquisitions Communications Manager with Richmond-based McKesson Medical-Surgical, Randy King, shared real-life and recent communications strategies and tactics, tips and lessons-learned in the year since McKesson announced its plans to buy PSS World Medical.

April 2013 — The Virginia Tech Brand Lifecycle: From Launch Through Crisis to Re-invention How Virginia Tech has managed its brand over the years, through crisis and creating a buzz, and how the need for refreshing the brand with internal audiences has led to excitement, education, and a creative, successful brand re-introduction.

August 2012 — Debriefing the Derecho: Effectively Communicating in the Dark After a blast of hurricane-force winds destroyed property, closed roads and left hundreds of thousands without power on June 29, many organizations in our region realized that their crisis communications plans had not included this scenario. Local communicators from government, civic and corporate organizations joined a facilitated conversation to share lessons learned.

February 2012 — Looking Back: Feeding Frenzy Re-defined Fifteen years ago, the Virginia Military Institute became the last vestige of state-supported single-sex higher education to be pressured into co-education. Chuck Steenburgh, who was an integral part of the communications team during this period, looked back at what VMI went through then and examined how new challenges would exist in today’s world of social media and “citizen journalism.”

March 2011 — Let’s Get Social About Social Media:  How do you measure, monitor and use it?  A group of nearly twenty local communications leaders discussed the broad topic of Social Media and its impact on how we communicate with each other and our customers. The lively and engaging round table discussions were based loosely on several articles that were published in the January/February 2011 issue of Communication World (CW) magazine.

February 2011 — What Good Is Having A Website If No One Ever Finds It?  Local webmaster Phil Tucker provided everyday useful tips to improve an organization or company website.  Those who attended received information on Search Engine Optimization (SEO),  improving the structure of a website, gathering stats and analysis, and developing search engine marketing and promotion.

May 2009 — Campaign Communications Terri Jones, APR and Senior Vice President of Public Relations at AccessPR, Roanoke spoke on the public relations successes and strategies of the Obama presidential campaign.

April 2009 — Ethical Communication
Dr. Michael Gillette, discussed the ethical issues that arise in the Ethics of Public Relations and Communications. This was an interactive discussion that examined issues of honesty in marketing and the ‘limits of spin’.

March 2009 — Branding Lessons from Centra Bill Varner, Centra’s Vice President of Strategic Planning & Marketing, presented the challenges and opportunities with branding and re-branding organizations. He and his team recently lead a major brand initiative to create a visual identity that would be easily recognized and representative of both Centra and the region it serves. Bill will describe Centra’s branding experience and share lessons learned, research that helped, and issues to watch for. 

January 2008Crisis Communication – The Virginia Tech Experience by Robert Parker, Communications Director with the Central Virginia Health District. Parker served on the communications leadership team for local, national, and international media relations along with representatives from Virginia Tech, Virginia State Police, and Virginia Department of Emergency Management. See the flyer.

June 2008 — IABC International President Julie Freeman  Julie will talked about the challenges presented by generational differences in today’s workforce and how communications can help “bridge the gap.” See the flyer on generational differences!