Vision & Mission



IABC Lynchburg inspires excellence in communication by strengthening our members’ skills through collaboration, professional development and sharing best practices.


  • Continue developing and engaging a network of local communicators
  • Provide professional development programs for all levels of communicators
  • Shape the future of the organization by establishing a strong leadership pipeline

The mission of IABC Lynchburg supports the overall IABC mission that is dedicated to improving the effectiveness of internal and external communication of businesses, organizations, and institutions. To this end, IABC Lynchburg will seek to enhance the professional competence of those engaged in communication capacities, to arm them with tools and techniques, and provide them with comprehensive resources so they may be more effective in their service to their organizations and in their individual pursuits.

Fully recognizing that communication in business, organizations, and institutions is undergoing vast and rapid change, IABC Lynchburg will support the International Association of Business Communicators in seeking to educate those charged with the management of such enterprises on how to use professional communicators to meet vital needs in a world that demands dynamic communication.